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Keynote preview: Supporting low achievers in school contexts

Keynote preview: Supporting low achievers in school contexts

Thursday, 10 Aug 2023

In an interview with Teacher magazine, Research Conference 2023 keynote speaker, Professor Anne Castles discussed some of the research on learning to read, and what delegates can expect from her presentation.

Professor Castles told Teacher magazine her keynote will provide teachers with a road map they can use to identify and support children who are struggling with reading.

'It's a cognitive model, but it really is a road map that specifies all the key processes that we know are important in reading and that gives teachers information about how to assess each of those components without, you know, giving the kid 17 hours of testing,' Professor Castles said.

As Professor Castles explains, having a clear framework of what a child needs to learn makes it much easier to think about assessment and intervention.

'If we make sure that we can kind of tick the boxes on every component of the road map for a child, we know that they will be in a good position to move into high school reading independently, which is of course what we want for all children.'

Read the full interview at Teacher magazine or listen below.

Teacher Magazine (ACER) · The Research Files: Research Conference special with Professor Anne Castles