2021 Excellent progress
for every student

Gain insights into reforms to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and professional learning that better support teachers' efforts to meet individual learning needs and so ensure every student makes excellent progress.

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The challenge

  • Students are at different points in their learning and have different learning needs
  • School structures and processes result in some students’ learning needs not being identified and met
  • Make sure every student is engaged and making good progress

The solution

  • A curriculum structure based on evidence of how essential knowledge, skills and understandings typically develop
  • Valuing teachers’ understandings of the nature of progress and how instruction influences learning
  • Assessments of current attainment and long-term learning progress used to inform decision making

Key note speakers

Prof. Geoff Masters AO

Prof. Geoff Masters AO
Chief Executive Office, ACER

Dianne Siemon

Dianne Siemon
Emeritus Professor, RMIT

Prof. Rich Lehrer

Prof. Rich Lehrer
Vanderbilt University

Mark Scott AO

Mark Scott AO
NSW Department of Education

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Masterclass: Learning Progressions

This half-day masterclass will be divided into two parts.

Part 1: Participants will review the theoretical background, development and intended uses of ACER’s Learning Progressions, and get acquainted with them using the online Learning Progression Explorer.

Part 2: Participants will split into groups with a focus on either reading or mathematics. Each group will undertake guided activities that involve either working individually or in smaller groups.